Who am I?

Writing a bio, for me, is weird. So I decided to put it in the words of past clients: I'm just your long lost cousin you simply haven't met yet.


I'm snort-laughing at the groomsman's awful jokes during his toast, and becoming best friends with your 3 year old niece because I started singing Baby Shark during formals. I have more adopted grandparents at this point than I can count and have even been invited to dinner by your tequila-loving aunt.


Who are you?

Your family is the most important thing in the world and you've been dying for a relaxed, fun session full of natural smiles. Or your wedding is around the corner and the word "excited" hardly scratches the surface of what you're feeling as you plan the biggest day of your life.  (No big deal or anything.)


Whether you're a small quiet bunch, or a larger rowdy crowd, the overall experience with the people you're surrounded by is what you're going to remember the most.  Trust me.